The year kererū gained total protection
The number of years kererū can live
The number of eggs laid per clutch
The total number sighted in The Great Kererū Count 2015


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Dave Gould has sent over some videos to share with you all. This footage is from the nesting kererū on his property earlier this year. This gives us a wonderful look into the private life of the kererū only a few have ever seen. Initially the newly hatched squab is feed on crop-milk which is mixed with fruit pulp, then quickly moves to a full assortment of available foods that the parents source from the area. The chick grows fast, and is ready to leave the nest around 40 days after hatching, although after fledging the young kereru is fully independent they can stay close to their parents for a couple of seasons learning where the best feeding grounds are. ... See MoreSee Less

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