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This beautiful Kereru has quite a story to tell. Back at the end of November last year, she flew into a window where she lives outside of Oamaru, in North Otago. As you can see from the x-ray, she badly fractured her wing when she struck the window. The best option for treatment of the fracture was orthopaedic surgery, but with the The Wildlife Hospital - Dunedin still two months from opening, that wasn't possible. The other options were bandaging her wing to immobilise it for a period of time to hopefully give the fracture a chance to heal, or to euthanase her. We decided to try the bandage and cage rest. Some five weeks later, I removed the bandage and let her out into the small (6metre) aviary to let her get used to moving about again and to see how her wing was looking. It has taken time, because the flight feathers on her injured wing fell out while it was bandaged, and they had to grow back. Just under a month ago, I transferred her into the large flight aviary and she is now flying so well, that next week she is going back home to freedom. Special thanks to Tony and the team at St Kilda Veterinary Centre for their help in getting this beautiful Kereru back where she belongs.

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Kereru enjoying some late afternoon sun

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Kereru enjoying some late afternoon sun ... See MoreSee Less

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To see more stunning work by Hannah - just follow her here:
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Watched the Tui trying to get the Kereru out of the Wineberry for hours, as I looked at my photos realised that there was a young Tui feeding as well.

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Hi All - I have a request from one of the Kererū Discovery Facebook members (read below) if anyone can help Vicki out please let her know.

Have a great Monday!

Subject: kereru footage for a community project

Message Body:
Kia ora
I am an artist from the west coast (based currently in Nelson)

I am making a short 3-5 minute movie to be shown at a community event that is aimed at engaging the community around the Whakapuaka river north of Nelson in looking after their environment

I have a format of local creatures to include in a message of the importance of water and the interconnectedness of everything

the local iwi shared with me that they especially favour the kereru as a kaitiaki species around this area and I would like to include a bit of footage

one translation of the name Whakapuaka is bursting with life so I am interested in this short piece in having a shot of the kereru bursting forth (as they often do in suddenly appearing and swooping past)

There are kereru locally and the community members i am working with are looking out for me however i have been brought in to do this project on a very short timeframe as the whole project in launched in a couple of weeks so I wondered if you might be able to share this request with any of your members who might have a short (hopefully broadcast quality) clip of one or more kereru either bursting into flight
or the other shot I imagine is their classic climb and swoop in the sky (which would circumvent identifying landscape)

thanks for any assistance you might be able to offer.

Vicki 🙂

ps a story I would share is
I recently did a project in Dunedin and while biking I had a great experience of a kereru passing very close overhead – so for a brief moment I felt we were both in flight down the street as I was treated a close-up view of the beautiful iridescence of the bird's plumage 🙂
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