The year kererū gained total protection
The number of years kererū can live
The number of eggs laid per clutch
The total number sighted in The Great Kererū Count 2016


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Day 2 Week 3: What a beautiful sight on a morning walk... and two kereru in an Oak tree!

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Nothing has divided people more than the use of 1080 for pest eradication. Where do you stand? ... See MoreSee Less

As someone who has dedicated her career to the protection of our unique native wildlife, myself and my colleagues work hard to ensure that we have the right tools for the job. 1080 is a biodegradable toxin that targets mammals, and with no native land mammals except for two tiny species of bat (which are also threatened by rats and stoats), New Zealand is perfectly placed to use 1080 as one of our most important pest control tools. If we want our birdlife back, if we want birdsong over valleys of silence, if we want to be predator free by 2050 - 1080 is one of the best tools we currently have. Here’s why it is such a powerful tool which has the backing of scientists.

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Wow. Kereru coming home to feed chick.

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