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Protecting Kererū


Kererū Discovery; helping you protect kereru in your neighbourhood and your own backyard.


Top ten things you can do

The Top 10 list of simple things that you can do to help kererū in and around your home.


About Kererū

All you need to know about Kererū (kūkupa, kūkū) The New Zealand Native Wood Pigeon.


Kererū friendly plants

It doesn’t matter what garden style you prefer, it is easy to provide habitat for Kereru.


Kererū emergency

Emergency? call Department of Conservation native bird rescue hotline 0800 36 24 68

The year kererū gained total protection
The number of eggs laid per clutch
The number of years kererū can live
The total number sighted in The Great Kererū Count 2015


Have you seen a kererū?

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"A flock of kererū is awesome to see. The sound of their combined wings makes my hairs stand on end."

− JD - from Wellington

"Watching a couple of kererū shuffle along a power line is hilarious."

− Tony - from Wellington

"I love kererū in their crisp white singlets, they’re so funny"

− Amber - from Wellington

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