The year kererū gained total protection
The number of years kererū can live
The number of eggs laid per clutch
The total number sighted in The Great Kererū Count 2015


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The New Zealand pigeon or kererū (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae)

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Spring is officially just over a month away, but kereru seem to be gearing up for spring fever already. This was one of half a dozen kereru chasing each other through and across the forest canopy. The sound of their distinctive wing beat was constant, and their soft contact calls were a lot more vocal than usual. From 'During the non-breeding season, kereru can be fairly inconspicuous, feeding and then roosting under a thick canopy for sometimes hours at a time. In the breeding season, they can be just the opposite, perching on top of trees and males giving frequent display flights at the start of a nesting cycle. While not a territorial species, an individual will defend a food tree against other pigeons attempting to feed in it too. Fights involve hitting each other with their wings while flapping about in flight and moving only a metre or two.' Have you noticed an increase in kereru activity in your area? Nihotupu Tramline Walk - July 2016

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We've launched Predator Free New Zealand, a world-first project to eliminate rats, possums and stoats from New Zealand by 2050.

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This Kereru (New Zealand wood pigeon) is a regular visitor at my place for breakfast. SO many berries to feast on. Love the abundance of bird life out here on the Coast.

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Working on the plant info sheets for the giveaways - Each information sheet will be available for download. ... See MoreSee Less

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