Kererū emergency

Department of Conservation native bird rescue hotline  0800 36 24 68

Bird rescue

Department of Conservation officers or bird rehabilitators with a valid permit are trained to handle native birds. The sooner a bird is given to them, the better its chances of recovery.

What to do if you find a sick or injured kererū?

A kererū on the ground is easy prey for cats and dogs, so please act as quickly as possible. If you hear a thud on your windows, check the ground outside for injured kererū. If you find a dead native bird, contact your local Department of Conservation office.

If you find a band or a bird with a band on its leg,  contact the New Zealand Banding Scheme by phone: (04) 471 3294 or e-mail:

Take action

Karin Wiley of the Native Bird Rescue Wellington Trust suggests the following actions if you find an injured or sick kererū:

  1. Have ready a ventilated box with a secure lid around 60 cm long x 30 cm wide x 40 cm deep.
  2. Pour warm water into a hot-water bottle and place it at the bottom of the box with newspaper on top.
  3. Quietly approach the bird with an absorbent towel. Use the towel to pick it up, covering its eyes and holding its wings to prevent (further) injury.
  4. Place the bird in the box on its stomach and shut the lid tightly.
  5. Put the box in a dark quiet corner away from pets and children, and immediately contact DOC or if you are in the Wellington area call: THE NEST TE KŌHANGA – at Wellington Zoo  ph: 04 381 6755
  6. For a list of New Zealand Bird Rescue Centres click here: